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Chayenu-3 is a Chayenu for those who study the daily 3 chapters Rambam*
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CHAYENU-3 will include: Chumash with Rashi, Haftarah with Commentary, Daily Tehillim, Tanya, HaYom-Yom, Rambam–Three Chapters, Rambam–Synopsis, Chassidus section (Maamarim etc.), Schedule–DailyTehillim, Tefilas Haderech.

 Chayenu FlagshipChayenu3
3 PerokimX
Includes app access
Perek Echod RambamX
Sefer HamitzvosX
Back limud sectionX

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The CHAYENU-3 will be shipped and handled separately, so in order to receive the chayenu-3 you can just create a new subscription on the website

Crown Heights Shipping Center: 478 Albany Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, (718) 771-5000

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Empire Kosher Supermarket: 529 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11225, (718) 221-2144

We invite you to partner with Chayenu in bringing “Limmud HaRambam” (daily Rambam study) to the next level, having the Zechus to bring the Rebbe’s flagship Rambam-study track to new levels of availability.

Honor the life of a loved one, a milestone occasion or invest your Ma’aser (Tzedakah) wisely by dedicating the back cover of Chayenu-3, at a special introductory price of only $1200.