Establishing a daily Torah study routine has never been easier

  • Print or digital weekly Torah publication in Hebrew & English
  • Includes daily study cycles of Chumash, Rambam, Tanya and much more
  • Studied by over 20,000 people in 35 countries
  • Takes the guesswork out of establishing a daily study routine
  • Mailed to your home or office – 52 editions a year

Testimonials by CHAYENU subscribers

  • “Chayenu is a must for anyone interested in systematic weekly study in manageable morsels yet filled with wisdom and Torah breadth. Equally applicable to a Chabad Chossid or any one questing for a good balance of the spiritual and tangible dimensions of Judaism, the English translation affords a wonderful opportunity for a much wider audience, and often clarifies more obtuse concepts. I warmly commend the editors.”

    Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf , Dean, Spiritgrow- Josef Kryss Center, Australia

  • “As a subscriber of CHAYENU I am thrilled to finally have a weekly study guide. On the road traveling often and constantly on the go, CHAYENU has provided me an easy way to learn. Written in English that is perfect for the beginner to the more advanced. I strongly recommend CHAYENU to anyone looking for that one booklet to assist you with your personal growth in Torah Study”
    Alan “Shlomo” Veingrad
    Former NFL Offensive Lineman with the Green Bay Packers
    and Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII Championship Team

  • I asked my Rabbi to set me up with a regular learning regime that would fit into my busy day. He prescribed Chumash with Rashi; Daily Tanya; and Rambam! Chayenu covers all in an easy to carry format with a well executed English Translation. In fact, the Tanya portion is easier to learn from as it has vowelized Hebrew and I find the English translation better than other books out there. I also love the translated Maamer. It is my favorite read on Shabbat!”
    Steven Duke- Mercer Island, WA